The Battle between Lord krishna and Lord Siva

When Aniruddha (son of Samba,grandson of Lord Krishna) did not return from Sonitapura, His family and friends passed the four months of the rainy season in extreme distress. When they finally heard from Narada Muni how Aniruddha had been captured, a large army of the best Yadava warriors, under Krishna's protection, set off for Banasura's capital and laid siege to it. Banasura fiercely opposed them with his own army of equal size. To help Banasura, Lord Siva, accompanied by Kartikeya and a horde of mystic sages, took up arms against Balarama and Krishna. Bana began fighting against Satyaki, and Bana's son fought against Samba. All the demigods assembled in the sky to witness the battle. With His arrows Lord Krishna harassed the
followers of Lord Siva, and by putting Lord Siva into a state of confusion He was able to destroy Banasura's army. Kartikeya was so strongly beaten by Pradyumna that he fled the battlefield, while the remnants of Banasura's army, harried by the blows of Lord Balarama's club, scattered in all directions.

Enraged to see his army's destruction, Banasura rushed Krishna to attack Him. But the Lord immediately killed Bana's chariot driver and broke his chariot and bow, and then He sounded His Pancajanya conchshell. Next Banasura's mother, trying to save her son, appeared naked in front of Lord Krishna, who turned away His face to avoid looking at her. Seeing his chance, Bana fled into his city.

After Lord Krishna had thoroughly defeated the ghosts and hobgoblins fighting under Lord Siva, the Siva-jvara weapon -- a personification of fever with three heads and three legs -- approached Lord Krishna to fight Him. Seeing the Siva-jvara, Krishna released His Vishnu-jvara. The Siva-jvara was overwhelmed by the Vishnu-jvara; having nowhere else to turn for shelter, the Siva-jvara began to address Lord Krishna, glorifying Him and asking for mercy. Lord Krishna was pleased with the Siva-jvara, and after the Lord had promised him freedom from fear, the Siva-jvara bowed down to Him and departed.

Next Banasura returned and attacked Lord Sri Krishna again, wielding all kinds of weapons in his thousand hands. But Lord Krishna took His Sudarsana disc and began cutting off all the demon's arms Lord Siva approached Krishna to pray for Banasura's life, and when the Lord agreed to spare him, He spoke as follows to Siva: "Banasura does not deserve to die, since he was born in the family of Prahlada Maharaja. I have severed all but four of Bana's arms just to destroy his false pride, and I have annihilated his army because they were a burden to the earth. Henceforward he will be free from old age and death, and remaining fearless in all circumstances, he will be one of your principal attendants."

Assured he had nothing to fear, Banasura then offered his obeisances to Lord Krishna and had Usha and Aniruddha seated on their wedding chariot and brought before the Lord. Krishna then set off for Dvaraka with Aniruddha and His bride leading the procession. When the newlyweds arrived at the Lord's capital, they were honored by the citizens, the Lord's relatives and the brahmanas.

Those who hear of this transcendental fight between Lord Krishna and Lord Siva, they become fearless.

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